Calculator Free for Windows 10 (Windows) – Download

Calculator Free for Windows 10 (Windows) – Download

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The most exciting feature of Sticky Calculator is that it allows you to write down the windwos lines, numbers, and equations as a memo. The intuitive keyboard support ensures that your calculations are speedy plus the currency converter uses exchange rates in real-time. The calculator app for Windows 10, Super Calculator, boasts of a very user interface. Download: Naturplay Free, In-app purchases available.

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Calculator Free for Windows comes with basic features but with attractive design. However, students, or anyone else who needs more advanced functions, should look at one of our alternatives. This calculator app is great for younger users. There are lots of free calculator apps available that will do what you need.

One of the most important PDF readers around. A browser for those who are looking for something different. Open-world vehicle simulation game. Old-school media player for Windows. You should choose Calc Pro HD as your second choice if you want to enjoy all the basic Windows calculators’ features with some additional perks that aren’t available in the built-in app. In addition to offering more flexibility in calculations, this calculator integrates with Cortana.

That is, you can dictate Cortana to do the math for you without any hassle. This would be the perfect alternative to the Windows built-in calculator and the ideal replacement for a pocket calculator. You can only perform standard and scientific calculations in the free version of Calc Pro HD. To access all other features, you’ll have to subscribe to its premium plan.

Naturplay, another free-to-use calculator for Windows, provides quick real-time calculations of formulas as you type. When calculating long-form mathematical expressions, this can prove helpful. The display feels like you are writing the calculations by hand, and it will significantly reduce calculation time since you won’t have to press equal every time you want the results. Moreover, you can zoom into the calculation panel and save the calculation as an image to print or use later. As such, if you want a powerful assistant in your homework, be sure to give Naturplay a shot.

Download: Naturplay Free, In-app purchases available. Its authentic graphic display makes sure all your calculations are catered for. If you are a Maths, Physics or Computer Science student, then this is the app for you. Its display is very interactive and compatible. Just download it from the Microsoft Store and calculate away.

A few features include its Snap mode and various angle modes. This application is super adaptive. This has to be the case since it is accessible on several platforms like HoloLens, Hub, Xbox One and so on. The most useful feature is the one that lets you use the last 9 results for fresh calculations. You can change themes seamlessly as well. If you are searching for a calculator app that is not heavy, then this is a reasonable choice. Just 3. Users can access history and even zoom the application to suit the screen.

The app will cost you nothing and your calculations can even be shared. This is not a complicated calculator because of its UI. It comes with various features like the ones you see from a Scientific Calculator.

Mathematics is broken down nicely for you. Although you can of course use your phone to do quick calculations, sometimes you want the screen real estate of a tablet or PC desktop which Calculator Free for Windows 8 gives you. Calculator apps are usually boring looking, choosing function over form but Calculator Free for Windows 8 combines both very well.

There are four elegant backgrounds for you to choose from, all of various nature scenes. The calculator can perform simple addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication but that’s it. There are no scientific features so it’s not suitable for mathematicians or maths students. Switching themes is also very easy – you simply tap or click one of the color theme buttons at the top of the screen. The only slight downside is that small ads occasionally appear at the bottom of the screen but not enough to be a real nuisance.

If you want a simple calculator that integrates nicely into Windows 8, Calculator Free for Windows 8 is a good choice.


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If you have a personalizable theme that simplifies things for you, then this app should be your preferred option. Calculator Free for Windows comes with basic features but with attractive design. Numbers just leave us baffled, especially when you need to use complicated equations. A student. In addition to these basic modes, you can also perform date calculations and unit conversions for as many quantities as you can imagine, such as Currency, Volume, Temperature, Energy, and so on. Simple additions and subtractions can be done mentally in a jiffy. Instead, you can type in your expression via the keyboard and the calculator will automatically solve it and display the result.