Can t anything on windows 10

Can t anything on windows 10

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Can t anything on windows 10.Can’t do ANYTHING in windows 10.

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Hello, I have 2 of the same computers at work, but upgraded to Windows One is working fine, the other is not.

All of the sudden this morning, Nothing will load. Folders will open, but no applications will. I can not even restart. The oj screen will open, but when I click on anything, including restart, either nothing happens, can t anything on windows 10 the application will quickly flash on the screen then disappear.

Please do can t anything on windows 10 ask me to change a setting because I cannot! I can not even open нажмите для деталей manager. Can t anything on windows 10 done that, my computer is stuck in a restarting screen.

Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community. I regret the inconvenience caused to you. Let me help you. I suggest you to perform start up repair from Windows Recovery Environment. Follow the below procedure and check if it resolves the issue. You may follow the steps provided below and check if it helps to resolve the issue. Tap or click, advanced options and then click on Startup repair.

After this complete repair and see wincows you are able to boot in to your computer.

Please reply with the details and updated status читать полностью the issue. We will be happy to assist you further.

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Ken Blake. Look at the other replies, and let me add that if everything is the same on the two computers but this, it is likely a hardware issue, not a Windows one. This site in other languages x.


Can t anything on windows


If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment below. Lillian is a technical writer and a tech enthusiast who loves to share technical tips and solutions to computer problems. As a Microsoft Certified Professional MCP , she writes posts to solve various Windows system issues, and shares technical tips for gaming, video streaming, etc. To install Driver Easy Click. Lillian Lai Last Updated: 1 year ago. Why is Windows 10 not responding?

How to Fix Windows 10 not responding Here are some solutions you can try. Restart your computer Troubleshoot your computer Update available drivers Run System File Checker Run a virus scan Perform a clean boot Install Windows update Fix 1: Restart your computer Since many technical problems can be resolved by restarting, it never hurts to restart your computer.

After restarting, test and see if it fixes your problem. Click Troubleshooting. Click System and Security. Click System Maintenance. Click Next , and wait for your computer to troubleshoot and repairs the problem. After troubleshooting, reboot your computer and see if it responds. Fix 3: Update available drivers A missing or outdated driver can cause Windows 10 not responding, because of the hardware issue.

But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks and you get full support and a day money back guarantee : Download and install Driver Easy. Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. Click the Update button next to all flagged devices to automatically download the correct version of their driver you can do this with the FREE version.

If the problem still isn’t fixed, try deleting the old administrator account. If you were using a Microsoft account to sign in before, associate the Microsoft account with the new administrator account. Windows 11 Windows 10 More Select Taskbar behaviors to expand it. Clear the Automatically hide the taskbar box. Check for updates Note: Need another way to get to Settings?

To see which account you’re signed in with: Select Start. Right-click your profile image or name. Provide the requested info and follow the prompts to create the account. If the problem still isn’t fixed, try deleting your old administrator account Warning: If you delete an administrator account that’s associated with a Microsoft account and you don’t have a backup copy of your BitLocker key, you’ll be locked out the device and you’ll lose all data.

Turn on Lock the taskbar. Select the Processes tab. Scroll down to Windows Explorer, select it, then select Restart. Type your Microsoft account password and select Next. If the problem still isn’t fixed, try deleting the old administrator account Warning: If you delete an administrator account that’s associated with a Microsoft account and you don’t have a backup copy of your BitLocker key, you’ll be locked out the device and you’ll lose all data.

Need more help? Join the discussion. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Thank you! Any more feedback? The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. For example, if the policy that you noted in step 5 was Restricted , the command would resemble the following one:. Press Y, and then press Enter to accept the change and revert to your previous policy setting. If your organization has disabled the ability to run scripts, contact your administrator for help.

If the previous suggestions don’t fix the problem, let us know by sending feedback in the Feedback Hub. Provide details, such as a description of the problem, screenshots, log files, and any other information that might be helpful. In the Feedback Hub, select the appropriate category and subcategory. In this case, submit your feedback in the Cortana and Search category. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode.

Table of contents. Note The Windows Search process will automatically restart the next time that you search. Note Resetting Windows Search does not affect your files. Important You must have administrator permissions to run this script. Note The current policy appears in the window.

Important You’ll receive a warning message that explains the security risks of an execution policy change.


Can t anything on windows 10

For more info, see Your app doesn’t work with Windows. Update Microsoft Store Select Start, then from the apps list, select Microsoft Store. I cant open anything on my computer. No matter what i click unless it’s the internet or a downloaded app, it wont open. No files, no folders, nothing. Restart the process. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.


[Solved] Windows 10 Not Responding | Quickly & Easily – Driver Easy


Is your Can t anything on windows 10 10 taskbar not working? Microsoft gave the humble taskbar new tricks in Windows 10, but this introduced additional frustrating errors. Let’s look at fixes for the most common issues that plague the taskbar in Windows 10, such as it not responding at all. Using these solutions, you can have a fully functional taskbar once more.

Before we move on to specific problems, we should mention that by default, the Windows 10 taskbar has a lot of unnecessary junk that takes up valuable room. Thankfully, if you don’t use these icons, you can hide them to make more space for the ones you care about. One of them is the long search bar, which is unnecessary since you can search by clicking the Start button or hitting the Win key anytime. To hide the search bar in the Windows 10 taskbar, right-click on the search box or an empty area of the taskbar.

Cortana has been deemphasized in the latest versions of Windows If you don’t use this feature, you can uncheck Show Cortana button to hide it. There are a few unnecessary elements on the right end of the sidebar, too. Disable Show People on the taskbar to hide that neglected shortcut. Unless you use any of the options under Toolbars can t anything on windows 10, you can disable them without losing anything.

Those who don’t want the weather on their taskbar can turn off News and Interests. And if you don’t have a touchscreen, Show Windows Ink Workspace button and Show touch keyboard button are both unnecessary. Now you’ll have more room for the app icons you use all the time.

While we focus on fixing particular taskbar issues below, check out our complete guide to Taskbar customization if you’re looking for more personalization options.

A quick first step when you have any taskbar issue in Windows is to restart the explorer. This controls the Windows shell, which includes the File Explorer app as well as the taskbar and Can t anything on windows 10 menu. Restarting it can thus clear up any minor hiccups, such as your taskbar not working. Click More details at the bottom if you only see продолжить simple window.

Then on the Processes tab, locate Windows Explorer. Right-click it and choose Restart. You’ll notice your taskbar goes away for a, then comes back. This is normal, and when it returns, it will hopefully function properly. If this doesn’t work, you can also try signing out and back into your user account.

And don’t forget that restarting your PC is always a good idea if you haven’t done so in a while. This is broad advice that’s applicable to many PC problems, but it’s solved taskbar strife for some. Outdated drivers, especially display drivers, can cause all sorts of issues. Thus, updating them is worth a look when your taskbar isn’t responding or is otherwise acting strange.

Follow our guide to updating Windows drivers safely and see if this clears up your issue. Sometimes the latest Windows patches can clear up strange issues like this. When you’ve enabled the auto-hide functionality of the taskbar, it’s annoying if it doesn’t work properly. If restarting the Explorer process doesn’t work or the issue happens frequently, you can try some other fixes. First, make sure you actually have auto-hide enabled. It’s worth disabling and re-enabling this toggle while you’re here, too.

Sometimes an option can get stuck, and toggling it can restore the proper functionality. One of the most common causes for the taskbar failing to hide automatically is an app requiring your attention. While this often comes accompanied by a glowing app icon on the taskbar, it’s not always obvious when this is the case. If your taskbar is stuck open, cycle through the apps you have open and make sure that there are no error messages or other alerts waiting for you anywhere.

For example, your browser can switch to this “attention” state if a website displays a notification, or a chat client might have just received a new message. If checking your open apps doesn’t fix this, take a look at the apps in your System Tray. One of them, running in the background, might be calling for attention. Should you run can t anything on windows 10 this problem on a regular basis, try adjusting Windows notifications for the app that keeps getting stuck.

You should also check inside the can t anything on windows 10 settings for more granular control. For example, in Telegram, you can mute notifications for noisy group chats but keep them on for other conversations. Failing that, reinstalling any app that keeps the taskbar open may fix the problem. If your taskbar is missing its icons and the System Tray at the bottom-right doesn’t show the clock and other functions, you might have to dip into the command line and use classic Windows troubleshooting commands to remedy your issue.

Fortunately, this isn’t as intimidating as it might sound. From any of these, you can access a few tools to perform the taskbar fix. Use this command to do so, then reboot once it’s complete:. Can t anything on windows 10 this doesn’t fix the issue, you can try another utility. If you can’t click on anything in your taskbar, you can try a few PowerShell fixes. There’s a relatively easy process, using a non-invasive command, that should clear up your нажмите чтобы узнать больше taskbar issues.

To use these, type PowerShell into the Start menu, then right-click its entry and choose Run as administrator. Enter the following command to re-register all apps:. Find the TileDataLayer folder and delete it. Hopefully, after a moment, this will fix your taskbar and allow you to click on items properly again.

There is a second, more invasive fix if your taskbar is still frozen. Unfortunately, this one comes at a cost, as it will also remove all Windows 10 appsincluding the Microsoft Store, from your system. Only do this if you don’t mind losing all Store apps and nothing else will fix your issue.

Afterwards, restart your system and hopefully, you’ll have everything fixed. Follow Winaero’s guide if you decide that you want the Microsoft Store app back. If you find that your Windows 10 taskbar moves around when you try to click it, chances are that you have it unlocked.

This is a handy way to quickly stick your taskbar to another corner of the screen, but if you want to keep it in one place, the shortcut is only an annoyance.

With this turned on, you won’t be can t anything on windows 10 to click and drag on an empty space in the taskbar to move it can t anything on windows 10 your screen. Tried everything above and still can’t manage to make your taskbar behave can t anything on windows 10 it should?

You can try a System Restore pointif you have one, to go back in time before the issue started. Failing this, you can create a new Windows user account to clear up the problem. This is fairly inconvenient, but it be your only fix if nothing else has worked.

You can then work your way through the account creation process. If you’re replacing your own user account, you should choose the I don’t have this person’s sign-in informationthen Add a user without a Microsoft account to avoid any confusion with your original login. Hopefully, you’ll never run into issues with your Windows 10 taskbar again. One or more посмотреть больше these tips should have helped you fix any annoying problems, like not being able to click anything on the taskbar.

Can t anything on windows 10 Much Clutter on the Taskbar Before we move on to specific problems, we should mention that by default, the Windows 10 taskbar has a lot of unnecessary junk that takes up valuable room.