Cool math games download for pc

Cool math games download for pc

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Cool math games download for pc. Cool Math Games – Free Download


Here is the list of best free math games for kids for Windows. These games will boost the thinking ability of your children and make them smarter. Download these free math games on your system and let your kids learn mathematics with fun. Great graphics and funny sound effects make these math games one of the favorite games for your kids. These games are specially developed to make mathematics an interesting subject for kids.

By playing them, kids will not only grasp the basic concepts of solving math problems, but will also find mathematics an interesting subject. Some of these math games come with basic mathematical problems like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication , and Division , while some contain lessons on different subjects too. All of these math games are interesting and different from each other in the terms of representing the mathematical problems before kids.

Some of these are very basic software for learning maths, while some are advanced as they contain a number of mathematical problems. Different amazing graphics of these fun math games never let your kids get bored of mathematics.

All the software included here are pretty good, but the math games software I liked the most are Timez Attack and Tux Math Command. Timez Attack : It is the only game which comes with 3D High-Dimensional graphics in its free version. It is an adventure game and is developed by Big Brainz. Big Brainz has converted every mathematical problem into an interesting adventure. This game comes with two funny characters. Kids can select any of them. By playing this game, kids will learn mathematics with fun.

Download the game and let your kids enter into an interesting journey of different amazing scenes. Their journey is not as simple as it sounds. They will find many deadly creatures on their way. The only way to tackle them is to give the correct answer to the question asked by these creatures. Tux Math Command : Tux is one of the most popular developers of kids educational games.

Tux has developed many educational software for kids like Typing, etc. Tux Math Command is a fun math game for kids for Windows. The game contains a lot of game levels based on six different types of mathematical problems, viz: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Integers , and Factorization.

This game will boost the mathematical skills of your kids. I find Timez Attack to be the best math game for kids. This game is a type of an Adventure game. There are a lot of educational games available in the market; most of these are either paid or free. Those which are free offer low-quality graphics and sound effects.

As per my opinion, this is the best math game for kids because it is an adventure game and offers High-Definition graphics and great sound quality and the best part of the software is that you can download and play it for.

Though it contains only four basic math problems, viz: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication , and Division , but the way in which they present every math problem is truly awesome.

Your kids will definitely love this game and will never get bored by playing this great adventure math game. An interesting feature of the game is that it comes with 5 different slots. Different players can use these slots to save their game separately. Timez Attack offers a simple user interface so that kids do not feel any difficulty while playing.

First of all, kids have to enter their name. This great math adventure game comes with two funny characters. After selecting a character, they have to select the grade level to start the game.

After going through these formalities, the computer first takes the typing test of the player. The game starts only after the completion of the typing test. This is a great math adventure for your kids and they will find lots of enemies on their way. They can only tackle them by giving the correct answer to the mathematical question asked by the enemy. Control Buttons : Use Arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate the direction of the character. While giving the tests, kids can pass a question by pressing Spacebar key.

If you are looking for a fun educational game for kids , you will definitely like Tux of Math Command. It is one of the best free Math Games for Kids that lets them learn concepts of mathematics in an enjoyable way. Tux of Math Command makes Mathematics interesting for kids. Now, your kids will not find Mathematics a boring subject.

This game is ideal for kids of age group 4 to 10 years. Amazing graphics and good sound effects make this game more interesting for kids. By playing this game, kids can learn basics of Mathematics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication , and Division.

Besides this, the game also teaches the basics of Integers and Factorization. Your main aim is to protect the Penguins from getting hurt with Asteroids. To play this game, what you have to do is just type the answer to the Math problems displayed on your screen and press Enter button on your keyboard.

As you press the Enter button, Penguin fires missiles to destroy that particular asteroid. This is the main concept of the game. Facteroid gaming mode is different from all other modes. In this gaming mode, you have to protect your spaceship from freely moving bodies like asteroids, meteors, etc. Press Enter, Space, or Left Mouse button to shoot. As you destroy any asteroid, it will split into its factors.

Hence, by playing this game, kids can learn Factorization too. GCompris is another free math game for kids for Windows that lets your kids learn mathematics in a fun and easy way. This game is good for kids as it not only contains math games, but also contains other games like Science, English, Puzzle, Computer , etc.

This fun game for kids comes with a lot of math games that make your kids sharper and smarter. It is available in two versions: Free and Paid. Its free version comes with a good number of games. But if you want to play all the games in this software, you have to purchase its full version from its official website. This free software comes with a lot of free math games which are suitable for both preschool kids and toddlers.

Some of them are:. Zap Zap Math is a free Math game for kids that lets them learn the concepts of mathematics with fun. The game comes with High-Definition graphics and funny sound effects that make it interesting for kids.

It is specially developed for kids up to grade 6. It comes with good Maths exercises that will boost the thinking power of your kids. It has different questions for practice for each grade. This game is available in two versions, namely: Free and Paid. Paid version comes with a lot of math games. But its free version also contains a good number of games. Have a look, what the free version of this game offers:.

Are you searching for a math game for kids of small age group? Try Kids Preschool Numbers and Math. This is a Windows 10 app, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store easily. It is a fun math game designed and developed for kids of age below than 5 years. Amazing graphics along with cute cartoon characters and good sound effects make this game interesting for little kids. The game comes with basic math exercises that will be beneficial for preschool kids to boost their mathematical skills.

The game offers a child-friendly interface so that little kids can easily understand it without any hassle. The game represents mathematical problems in an attractive way. Kids Games Learning Math Basic is another Windows 10 app in our list of best free math games for kids. This is one of the best apps to teach kids the basics of mathematics.

Hence, it is best suited to the kids of small age groups. The game comes with 9 different gaming modes and one Quiz Time mode for kids. With attractive sound effects and animated cartoon characters, this app makes the mathematics interesting for kids.

Your kids will love this game. Kids have to answer the question pronounced by the computer either by clicking or dragging the objects in the game. Balloon Math for Kids is an interesting Windows 10 math game which lets kids learn addition with fun.

This fun math game contains addition problems only. By playing this game, kids can practice addition problems. Playing this cool math game is very easy. A question is displayed on the screen and kids have to pop the balloons that satisfy the given addition equation.


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