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Affinity Photo vs. Pixelmator Pro: Which should you choose?

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Save any combination of color adjustments as a custom preset to quickly apply them to any of your photos and even share presets with others. Pixelmator Photo was designed exclusively for iPad, taking full advantage of its large display and bit architecture. So the only thing that can slow you down is your imagination. Pixelmator Photo 1. Overview What’s New. On-Image Curves Use simple gestures to precisely adjust the tone curve directly in your images.

Shadows and Highlights Enjoy significantly improved shadow and highlight recovery. Customize Adjustments Customize the visibility of individual color adjustments. Desktop-class, nondestructive photo editing tools. Built and designed exclusively for iPad.

But then I discovered the “User Interface” adjustments in preferences and now all is good. Another plus is this app isn’t bloated w. But if you need graphic arts editing, they did the sensible thing by putting all that into another app called Affinity Design. After seeing all the features they have added in just a few months, I am optimistic.

So much so, that I just bought v. StevensPeter Dec 14 Pixelmator and Affinity Photo are both awesome image editors. Pixelmator is cheaper but lacks some features like plugin support. Still it fits for a lot of users that only need a simple, fast and stable image editor. Affinity Photo is more expensive and offers more advanced features.

The best way to know which you need is to try both for free first. B-Jefferson-Le-Blanc Dec 10 This is an excellent program for the price. However, if you are used to the Adobe way of doing things, there will be a learning curve here. Not that it’s hard to adapt to, but it is different. You will need to develop a new workflow. If you visit the developer’s web site, rather than the App Store, you can download a trial version and give it a test drive.

I recommend doing so. Even though the price is affordable by almost any standard, you will want to take some time to decide if you like the way Affinity Photo works before paying for it. If you have little experience editing images, Affinity Photo may be a challenge. Knowing you way around Photoshop will give you a frame of reference to work from and make it easier to figure out what AP is doing.

It preserves the original image while using layers to apply edits and effects. Once you learn how to use it, this will be a powerful approach. You can apply adjustments and effects to individual layers which are themselves adjustments and effects.

I’ve only played with the demo for a little while so I can’t claim to have much expertixse, but I can imagine the possibilities. Tried Photoshop but found it too complicated. This program has wonderful support and is not too complicated. What’s more the extensions work with Photo.

Love everything about it. Thank you Serif. Coming from Photoshop, this is one of the worst competitor apps that I’ve encountered, many tools don’t work in a usable way and it also cannot load that many photoshop plugins none for me.

Its absolutely awful now, would have been nice to get rid of some of adobe’s offerings. Guest Oct 19 Tsehov Oct 11 I really hope that Serif company would continue developing this program, since I believe it is not far from Adobe’s Photosop. Only a couple of things I would like to be there: for instance macros or ‘actions’ as Adobe names them.

But anyway, this is certainly worth every penny they ask for it. Tom-Fulery Aug 23 And there’s no subscription. You buy it; you own it. Affinity Designer blows away every other Mac drawing app on the market except for Illustrator, Adobe’s spendy subscription-only vector drawing bloatware. It isn’t quite an Illustrator-killer yet, but it’s getting there.

Both apps from British software company Serif work seamlessly together to produce truly professional images. D9 Aug 9 Of course, this is to be expected when using a beta OS, but just thought I’d let people know that Affinity Photo is a bit unstable in This includes Affinity Designer too.

Shallowp Aug 8 Using Pixelmator for a very long time now. Someone pushed me to try out Affinity Photo as an alternative so I did. The GUI looks amazing cool, as Pixelmator but with a lot more options, features, buttons, windows, And that is where it failed for me. It was just too complex compared to Pixelmator. I struggled with a lot of things like the Repair tool.

You first need to set a reference point using a key combination and after this it still didn’t produced good results. I probably am using it the wrong way but it shows the difficulty and steep learning curve needed to get into Affinity Photo.

It does more resemble to PhotoShop and that cannot be a bad thing if you know how to use such tools. In short: If you need quick and easy ways to edit images, Pixelmator is for you.

If you need very powerful editing, you need Affinity Photo. Jason-Milles Jul 29 Awesome alternative for Pixelmator and of course PhotoShop. Very powerful but has a steep learning curve, same as PhotoShop. If you have time to learn this, you have a the best image editor for OS X at a very low price. Gary-box Jul 20 Great photo editor. A bit complex to use compared to Pixelmator but it is very powerful indeed. Pity you cannot testdrive it first. Derekcurrie Jul 16 Xenos Jul 12 This guy “nazeema aslam” does what nobody in 20 years has done here: spamming a whole thread and making it almost unreadable because it gets divided.

Please MacUpdate, could you delete these countless iterations of identic spam posts and make sure such won’t happen in the future? Pik80 Jul 10 From the time I have spent playing with it there are a number of things I like more then Photoshop. Raw photography is more logically placed inside the app rather then from a plugin which allows you to easily switch back and forth between raw editing tools and the other tools.

There is a separate persona for editing web graphics which is very nice since Adobe now buries all the web tools in difficult to find places. I liked how Adobe used to have separate apps for that kind of work but Affinity now does that except web tools are now split off in a section within the same app.

Nice solution. The masking tools work differently then in PS and allow for some interesting possibilities in how to hide certain parts of an image.

Affinity programs now share the same file so the days of making complex file structures in the Finder may be over. One file for illustration, photo manipulation, and eventually page layout next year for the page layout.

This should be very helpful once Affinity moves to iPad that has a simpler file structure. The way that I do most of my photography these days is do a photoshoot of similarly shot photos, edit one of the photos and then apply those changes to all the others. This is a huge time saver over editing one photo at a time. The developers have talked about looking at adding some of those features. Overall great version one software. Adobe will probably become the Quark XPress of graphics software where they were once dominate but better options came along and eventually overthrew them.

Remember InDesign use to have far fewer users then Quark at one point. I personally believe the Affinity suite can go after Adobe even quicker then the time it took InDesign to become dominate.

I have to also mention this since it is brought up on social media everyday. I am glad Affinity is currently focusing on the Mac. IMO it is better on the Mac then it would be on any other platform. Enhance photos automagically. Perfect every detail. Effortless RAW editing. Draw and illustrate with a full collection of vector tools. Resolution Independent Vector shapes are resolution-independent, so curves always look smooth and edges always stay sharp, no matter how much you resize each shape or even entire vector designs.

Smart Shapes With a collection of pre-made Smart Shapes, you can quickly add star and various polygon shapes, arrows, speech bubbles, and other shapes to your compositions, then customize them in any way you want. Export adjustments as LUTs to use in other compatible graphics, video, and even 3D apps.

Software similar to Pixelmator Pro 4. NET 4. The three layers of functionality are: your application workspace, your collage maker, and your layers.

Such structure is very convenient for everyone involved in image processing. Affinity Photo is an effective non-destructive photo editor with a similar structure and application to Adobe Photoshop, which focuses on photo editing. The main advantage when used for photo retouching purposes is that you can save and restore your work in just one click.

Affinity Photo has an application called Layers Panel for quick access to tool tips and layer palette. One of the major advantages of using layers is that you can merge multiple images into one and change their colors without disturbing the other ones.

This functionality makes it ideal for retouching photos of people who have different skin tones and colors. You can also perform multiple actions in Affinity Photo such as renaming layers, adding new images to the canvas, applying masks to photos, editing and using filters.