Tips for a microsoft teams interview – tips for a microsoft teams interview

Tips for a microsoft teams interview – tips for a microsoft teams interview

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7 tips for video call interview success on Microsoft Teams – Taylor Hopkinson

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COVID19 has shaped our lives in an unprecedented fashion in With restrictions on office attendance and travel across the world, video interviewing has become the new norm for businesses to operate, talk to clients and recruit candidates for roles. Given this situation, it is vitally important to make sure you are prepared and comfortable with using Microsoft Teams and Zoom during an interview or meeting.

Here are our 8 top tips to help you excel in this forum. Switch your phone off, close windows to block out any outdoor noise, and lock the door if needs be — we all know how distracting our partners, kids or pets can be! Adjust the lighting if required once the shot is set up. Anything behind you is a distraction and detracts from your message.

Ensure you have some headphones as these cut out any background echo and do tests beforehand to ensure you are happy. Research the company and decide what is appropriate to wear. Would you wear a t shirt for an interview if it was face to face? If you go for simple, softer colours and dress fully — not just from the waist up — this will help you to psychologically feel ready for the interview, as if it was face to face.

If you wear glasses, try to position the lighting to remove any unwanted glare. You can record it and watch it back to identify any adjustments you need to make. The same care should be taken by each member of your organization who will be participating in the virtual interview. Ideally, choose a room where you will be lit from the front, rather than the back.

Front lighting reduces dark shadows and provides a flat, warmer light. If you have a window at your back, your face might be in shadow, making it harder for others on the call to see you properly. You can help the candidate better focus on you if you place yourself in front of an empty wall or another non-distracting background. While virtual interviews can be more convenient for recruiting coordinators and job candidates, they can easily feel impersonal and rushed.

This can reflect poorly on your organization and how seriously you are considering a candidate. This helps give a professional appearance that sets the tone for the interview and reflects on your entire team. Looking directly into the camera during the call can also help foster a sense of having a face-to-face connection.

You need to give the candidate your entire focus. Clearing your desk of everything but note-taking materials can also help.

Even when both you and the candidate have strong internet connections, some lag and delay is inevitable. This can get confusing, especially when trying to ask follow-up questions or share your screen. Similarly, when screen sharing, wait a few seconds after loading an image, web page, or presentation slide to give it time to load for others on the call.

You never know when technology problems might happen. No matter how unlikely these things might seem, prepare a back-up plan. For example, rescheduling your Microsoft Teams interview for a later date or switching to a phone interview can keep you and the candidate from scrambling if something goes wrong. That way, you can quickly set up a new interview time if needed. This way, you can resolve any issues before the call starts.

Microsoft Teams interviews can help streamline your interview process and make it easier to reach top candidates from across the country. By giving interviewees a quality video interview experience, you can level up your talent acquisition game. With Prelude, you can make Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing tools even more useful.



8 tips for video call success on Microsoft Teams and Zoom | Executives in Africa

With Microsoft Teams, you have the tools to interview anyone, anywhere. And because the browser version of Teams is free, your interviewees don’t have to download any extra apps or create accounts to join the call. In this video we’ll show you how to: Schedule an interview. Join an interview. Background blur. Screenshare. Record the interview. Feb 01,  · The Audio Conferencing service in Office can be enabled for any user of Office and adds a low-cost audio conferencing to your Teams meetings so you can connect and collaborate with individuals on the phone as part of your meeting experiences. Teams Meeting Info Panel. #2 – Invite anyone via email. May 12,  · Have an upcoming interview on Teams but never used the platform before? Or maybe once or twice but it’s been a while? Michael from GroupM Talent Acquisition.


The Top 5 Tips For An Online Interview (Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams)

Best Practices for Conducting Microsoft Teams Interviews · 1. Ensure Everyone Has the Right Technology · 2. Choose a Professional Setting · 3. Prepare as If You. During your interview · Be yourself. We value authenticity and unique perspectives. We invite you to come as you are. · Demonstrate your thinking and curiosity.